Apple Pressing

Century Old Press still Pressing

Century Old Press still Pressing

If you bring us your apples for a custom apple pressing, we charge $2.00 per gallon if you provide your own containers for the cider. Otherwise, we can include plastic gallon jugs and caps for $2.50 per gallon for your custom pressing.

Call the mill on Saturday mornings to schedule your custom press. Call 248-652-8450 and ask for Bob. You need a minimal of three bushels of apples for a custom press. One bushel produces about three gallons of cider. Cider may be frozen for up to 12 months.

A blend of apple varieties produces the best tasting cider.

We do NOT heat pasteurize. All of the cider we process is treated with a ultraviolet light, making it just as safe as pasteurized cider according to the FDA. UV light treated cider maintains it’s color and flavor that is lost in traditional heat pasteurization.

This is why our cider is good-tasting and safe to drink.